Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today we partook in a ritual well known around the south eastern Maritimes.


There's no set days to go check out the finds at Frenchys however on Saturday
mornings you will find them twice as busy and you seem to notice the people
you see at one Frenchys appear at the other Frenchys as well.

Clothing prices are great. I have found many pairs of American Eagle jeans
for $4.25 and Aeropostle Tee's for $2.75
There is everything there, from shoes, clothes, to hats, toys, dishes etc.

I got my son a 'world industries' snow board, lacrosse stick, field hockey stick, iphone cell case, fireking cookware, and much more. Many gap, old navy, nike, abercrombie, oshkosh, element, all what you pay a lot for if you walk into the actual stores, but here a couple dollars and its yours.

Above are some pictures of todays finds.

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