Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today we partook in a ritual well known around the south eastern Maritimes.


There's no set days to go check out the finds at Frenchys however on Saturday
mornings you will find them twice as busy and you seem to notice the people
you see at one Frenchys appear at the other Frenchys as well.

Clothing prices are great. I have found many pairs of American Eagle jeans
for $4.25 and Aeropostle Tee's for $2.75
There is everything there, from shoes, clothes, to hats, toys, dishes etc.

I got my son a 'world industries' snow board, lacrosse stick, field hockey stick, iphone cell case, fireking cookware, and much more. Many gap, old navy, nike, abercrombie, oshkosh, element, all what you pay a lot for if you walk into the actual stores, but here a couple dollars and its yours.

Above are some pictures of todays finds.

Friday, February 27, 2009


My luck in the last week with vehicles hasnt been the greatest. I have to put a new motor in my car. I went to pick up the motor with my truck today. After I got home went out to move the truck, and imagine this... it wouldn't start. No noise on the first turn of the key... thinking yippie a new fuel pump, that's expensive! Luckily my fuse was loose, a mechanic came and looked at it for me. New idea: Try wiggling and changing fuses to see if its that before paying someone else to do it. Hehehehe. I am glad to say the truck is better after 20.00, but sadly its not so easy with a new motor.
I plan on making home-made bread this weekend. Stay tuned to see how it turns out and pictures of the process and finished product :o)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My personal blog about anything and everything.

This is my first blogging experience. I guess they say its going to be the way of the future. We have a new baby girl, so my wife is home and I get to work still :o) hehe

We love spending time with family, baking, shopping, and much more.

We will post recipes we like, and use, so you may try them as well.